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Are you ready to make a difference?

At Tantus Tech, we encourage you to learn and grow. You’ll work with innovative technologies that let you tackle exciting challenges and keep you at the top of your game. Your commitment to our values is as important as your skill set and knowledge.

We’re here to do great things and we want you to be a part of it.

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We’re looking for driven professionals to fill the following vacancies. Are you a good fit for our Tantus Tech culture?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does your selection process take?
A. The timeframe of your application process will depend on the requirements for the specific position to which you are applying. To check the status of your application, please email
Q. How do you determine if I am a good fit for Tantus Tech’s culture?
A. You’re a good fit for Tantus Tech culture if you enjoy working in a team environment, love learning and solving complex problems, believe integrity is key in everything you do, and are passionate about always improving the process.
The interview is a two-way conversation; it’s important to be prepared for the type of questions you will be asked and have your questions prepared as well. During the interview, you will have the opportunity to better understand the expectations and responsibilities of the position, and see how your contribution would fit into the organization’s objectives and goals. Be prepared to ask us questions that can help you determine if the job and company align with your values.
Q. If I am not a good fit for the first position I apply for, will Tantus Tech keep my application and consider me for another vacancy?
A. If you are not selected, your application will be added to our database and evaluated for current and upcoming positions.
Q. What will make me stand out during the application process?
A. In many senior roles, technical expertise and relevant industry experience are a given, but, more importantly, we are looking for people who share our values, and our passion for what we do. Do your research to learn more about us. Whether it’s an old friend or an acquaintance on LinkedIn, having someone who can provide more information about the company or put in a good word for you can really help.
Add a personal touch to your email/resume. Share some other materials that are relevant to the position. Send a link to your portfolio or personal blog. Anything that helps us get a better sense of who you are as a candidate will benefit you.
Q. Do you have an employee referral program?
A. Yes. Reach out to one of your contacts at Tantus Tech, and have them refer you to us! Our employee referral program is great. Your contact will be eligible to receive a $1500 referral bonus if you are hired and employed by Tantus for more than 90 days.
Q. Do you provide employee training and professional development?
A. a. Yes, our Tantus University, pre-curated, role-based, and skill-based learning paths help Tantus prepare our employees for the high demand roles needed today and tomorrow. We offer meaningful and relevant content, organized in more than 700 expertly curated channels, mapped to competencies that matter most to consulting companies. Our courses are interactive videos and practical simulations designed to allow learning in ways that make sense for our employees. The personalized home page recommends relevant content, based on learner’s interests, activities, and learners with similar profiles. Search functionality uses Google BERT, natural language processing AI to optimize search results.

b. We are also offering $3000 training credits/ per year/per employee for any training/class (that is not included in our Tantus University), any certifications, and conferences that would help our employees advance their careers.
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You can hire anyone for the job, but hiring the most passionate people will make it more than just a job.

Karlene Stecchi - Executive Vice President