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Our Workplace


Our Culture

We believe in building innovative communities that empower customers, employees, and partners to grow and thrive through the support of our framework. Celebrating new, bold ideas, we value working with people who are passionate about the impact they have on the world. Our culture is enhanced by embracing the talents of each team member - and the unique perspective they bring to solving contemporary challenges. We are happy to connect and give back through charity work such as volunteering with The Children's Inn, at NIH. Every day, we seek out and support opportunities to reach the goal of Making Our World Better.

Core Values

The Tantus Compass guides our decision making, behavior, and commitment to our clients. The core values represented in our Compass, community, excellence, collaboration, and integrity, ensure that we are always heading in the right direction.

Team Tantus

• We share ideas, create solutions, and share successes
• We take care of each other

Do it better

• We commit to excellence, and finding new, innovative ways to solve problems
• We encourage open communication

Be energized

• We always bring our A-game, have a great attitude, and love the challenge

Do the right thing

• We do the right thing for our team, our clients, our partners, and with finances

Our Employees

We attract diverse, passionate people who instill integrity into their work and care about transforming government to better serve citizens.

Through our passionate team, we provide innovative and accessible solutions that enhance government response to citizens’ needs and improve their quality of life.

Integrity is our priority. We serve our customers through a commitment to quality services, excellence, and open communication.

Employee Benefits

Our success is a direct result of the quality of our team. We’re committed to investing in the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our people. From cutting edge training to great healthcare options, we attract the best by offering competitive benefits for all regular full-time employees, their spouses, and families.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Tantus Tech, our inclusive culture makes us stronger and better. Our unity through diversity creates value for our clients - delivering meaningful innovation to make Our World, Better.

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Employee Growth & Opportunities

Joining our team not only ensures a balanced work-life integration, competitive salary, benefits, and recognition for outstanding performance, we also offer employees opportunities for both professional and personal growth with:

  • Regular skill-based trainings
  • Compensation for external opportunities
  • Regular feedback and support (employee evaluations):
    Through Lattice and Officevibe, platforms that help our management team develop engaged, high-performing teams, we do 360 reviews, share continuous feedback and public praise, facilitate 1:1s, set up goals across the company, run employee engagement surveys, and establish frameworks for employee development and growth
  • Career development or counseling services
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Team Member Incentives

At Tantus Tech, we value our team members’ contributions and work ethic. That’s why we have created incentives, such as our referral program and performance awards.

Referral Program

We recognize that great people know other great people! To encourage referrals, we’ve established a team member referral program. How the program works:

  • Refer a candidate for an open position and you will receive a bonus per hire if the referral is hired and employed by Tantus for more than 90 days.
  • Refers a candidate to our quarterly Referral Contest, and you will receive an Amazon Gift card and be eligible to be part of a drawing held at the end of the quarter for an additional gift card.

Tantus Tech also has two performance awards: the “Compass Award” and the “Conqueror Awards.”

Compass Awards

We award one team member the Tantus Compass Award during our quarterly All Hands Meeting. This award goes to the team member who stands out in demonstrating our core values. On a quarterly basis, the leadership team reviews nominations for the Compass Award and a winner is selected.

The winner will have their name posted on our internal communication boards for the year and receive the Compass Award.

Conqueror Awards

The Tantus Conqueror promotes productivity, innovation, and provides three levels of immediate and visible recognition of team member contributions.

Conqueror Awards recognize the contributions of our team members whose outstanding efforts have impacted client satisfaction; or created process improvement, efficiency, and productivity; or contributed to the community in a significant way.

Our workforce is filled with people committed to our core values of teamwork, innovation, excellence, and integrity. I feel privileged to work with each member of our Tantus Tech Family.

Buck Keswani - Chief Executive Officer