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5 Skills for New Recruits in the Tech Industry

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As we continue to adapt to the changes this pandemic brings, we have learned to quickly pivot and adapt to a more digital world. With all the technological advancements in today’s landscape, digital skills have become vital for employees in this era. For all the ambitious graduates and determined new recruits looking to progress in the tech industry, here are some of the top skills to make it big in this field today:


  1. Programming: It is important to understand and be proficient in multiple coding languages, such as Rust, JavaScript, and Python. Gather a portfolio that shows your diverse experience in coding to help you land your dream job. Not only does coding allow for flexibility in building applications for different use cases, but is also vital for emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This skill provides developers with the foundation needed to create the next generation of AR and VR technologies.
  2. Cybersecurity:  With society becoming more technologically reliant, cybersecurity’s importance is on the rise to prevent data breaches and leaks, and identity theft. The protection of digital assets like software, sensitive data, and compute resources is fundamental to any enterprise that utilizes or is expanding its use of the internet to transact and process operations. 
  3. Product lifecycle management: Product lifecycle management (PLM) helps organizations develop new products and bring them to the digital marketplace. It provides structure and guidance to the stages of product development that allows for efficiency, like shortening development times, reduces cost, and faster go-to market. Another benefit is the elimination of errors during the engineering release process and higher quality designs. 
  4. Data Analytics: As devices continue to connect to the internet, the proliferation of data will exponentially continue to grow. As such, the demand to discover, share and prep data, perform analysis, and manage analytic models will also significantly increase. 
  5. Digital Marketing: Companies are continuously expanding the use of digital marketing to promote their products. Digital marketing enables a more cost effective and personalized approach to reaching your targeted audience. In addition, the use of data models allows for an effective feedback loop that enables companies to pivot and adjust marketing campaigns to increase success. 


While there is a broad range of skills, this set is important across the digital landscape. We’re always looking for new talent that will help us stay innovative and grow. That means being up to date on the skills needed for all new and smart technologies, built with security in mind.