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3 Ways to Establish Your Company Culture

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When candidates are looking for new career opportunities, one of the first things they notice is brand culture. Is the company employee focused? Does the company promote a play-hard-work-hard atmosphere by organizing employee mixers and incentives?  Does it nurture an individual’s strengths and skills? These are a few of many considerations when candidates are deciding whether an organization is a good fit and a long-term career option. 

What is your workplace culture? 

Clearly defining your company’s work culture will help you target a more refined pool of qualified candidates. You should also evaluate your culture annually to make sure your beliefs align with your actions. If you are losing staff members over a short period of time, your HR or senior leadership team should identify why employees are leaving and find ways to overcome these issues.

If you want to reinvent the way your company is perceived by its staff members and future hires, you need a strategy. Below are three ways to help you establish a positive workplace culture.

3 ways to help you building your company culture:

  1. Conduct an Internal Survey for Measurement – The best way to learn whether your business is living up to its values and mission statement is to create an anonymous employee survey. Include employees from all seniority levels to get a better understanding of all areas of your organization.

Simple questions can sometimes yield the most helpful answers. Ask what employees like most about working for the company, and then build that into your strategy. 

You should also touch on topics that engage your team in the conversation. Here are some examples: 

  • Things they find surprising about the company
  • Structural organization
  • Methodology for completing assignments
  • Level of overall comfort
  1. Consider Your Response to Change – When employees are required to adapt to a new work situation, does your company provide adequate time and resources to support them? If not, this can leave your team feeling overwhelmed. When individuals are too pressed for time and overworked, they often reach burnout. Be attentive and responsive to change. 
  1. Create Learning Opportunities – Technology is ever-evolving. Offer regularly-scheduled trainings to keep employees up-to-speed on new systems. When employees feel taken care, they are more motivated and committed to their roles. Regular training also benefits your business, allowing your team to operate more efficiently and saving you money in the end. 

Align employees with your work culture. 

The best businesses clearly define their company cultures. They are able to manage and adapt to new trends and systems according to their industries. 

Having a clear understanding of your company culture will rank you among the best and ensure a pipeline of qualified new candidates. 

What is your organization doing to promote and build company culture among employees?