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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) / Chief Information Officer (CIO) Office of Finance and Administration (AFN)

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How do you consolidate and coordinate activities across 12 different contracts while setting the stage to move toward shared services?

Our Solution:

Tantus implemented project management, agile, security, and enterprise architecture standards to help the organization better manage IT assets and resources, while leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure efficiency, compliance, and an improved security posture.


  • Implemented automated testing, resulting in significant savings and more effective processes. We reduced testing time and costs by more than 70% per cycle for PRISM, DELPHI, and OCI (FAA’s respective acquisition, financial, and interface systems).
  • Implemented a Program Management Office (PMO), increasing the number of projects completed from 20 to 86 per year, functionally quadrupling FAA’s productivity in five years.
  • Proposed and executed security processes leading the Office of Finance and Administration to become the first at FAA to implement continuous monitoring. Plus, we augmented system development lifecycle (SDLC) activities to include security in every phase, allowing the FAA to achieve zero IT audit findings 2 years in a row.

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