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How RPA and AI Can Enable High-Value Work

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Last month, Tantus Tech’s Executive Vice President Karlene Stecchi presented at the CMS Industry Day on the future of CMS and how we can use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve health outcomes and the operations of health programs. Pairing these technologies with human centered design and agile thinking enables workflow optimization and increases productivity. This means less time doing administrative tasks and more time focusing on meaningful, high-value work. 


What is RPA and AI ?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software that is configured to mimic human actions, such as automating a sequence of steps. The robots (or bots) that perform these steps execute manual, repetitive tasks, allowing us to shift resources from performing low value work, while reducing errors and compliance issues.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad range of technologies and methodologies that utilizes data and algorithms to reveal patterns or insights.   

Tantus helps our customers achieve Intelligent Automation or hyperautomation using RPA as well as AI, machine learning, process mining, native integrations, and advanced analytics. Leveraging hyperautomation can help bring new insights to workflows, improve organizational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase work satisfaction.


How Tantus Tech is implementing RPA and AI in the workplace 

RPA and AI serve as the foundation of many projects used by organizations like CMS to achieve efficiency. Our innovative tool, InsightsAI, helps CMS automate several aspects of their proposal lifecycle. InsightsAI streamlines the previously tedious manual review process by automatically capturing newly released comment data, processing data with machine learning, and producing user-friendly data graphics that accelerate analysis and provide clear, actionable insights. Using InsightsAI helps reduce time spent in the analysis cycle by over 40%, significantly decreasing analysts’ workload and allowing them to move from low-value to high-value tasks. Combining RPA and AI to make automation more intelligent has the potential to benefit your company, from increasing employee job satisfaction to making sure your customers receive streamlined services.