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5 Tips to Create a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Work Environment

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At Tantus Tech, we can comfortably say that we are setting the bar for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Having a varied employee base allows us to be more innovative, more creative, and more productive compared to companies who have yet to embrace diversity. With the new year comes new opportunities for creating a space where your employees feel included and valued. 

Here are 5 key steps to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace in 2021:


  1. Create channels for open and honest feedback.

Focus on creating a safe environment for your employees to give and receive feedback. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, more than half of registered employee complaints involved some type of retaliatory behavior from supervisors. Having a healthy feedback system helps employees feel safe to bring their concerns to light and results in increased employee retention, especially among demographics at higher risk for discrimination.

  1. Assess your hiring process.

The foundation to creating a diverse workplace lies in your hiring process. Be sure to examine all steps along the way, and remove unconscious bias whenever possible. Consider using AI software or “blind” hiring practices in the initial rounds of your selection process. Removing demographic-identifying information and focusing on candidate achievements will help ensure that you select the best person for the job without unconscious influence. Also, make sure that your hiring team mirrors the diversity you want represented in your company. A diverse hiring team offers a variety of viewpoints, and helps assess potential candidates more fairly and accurately.

  1. Be equitable not just equal.

Diversity in hiring is not enough. Make sure your company has the appropriate systems in place to ensure everyone has the tools they need to succeed. It’s important to treat everyone fairly, but it is just as important to recognize that everyone has different needs. Fostering an environment where all employees feel valued and heard is key to creating true equity and maximizing employee potential. Consider implementing initiatives such as mentorship programs, continuing education opportunities, and workplace diversity committees. Focus on processes that create diversity not only in your hiring initiatives, but on your leadership level and across your payscale. 

  1. Set measurable diversity goals.

The key to achieving desired results in any initiative is to have a measurable goal. Think about what you want your company to look like in the next 2-5 years, and create milestones to move in that direction. 

  1. Lead from the front.

Creating an inclusive work environment starts at the top. Having people in leadership positions that take an active interest in becoming allies for underrepresented groups goes a long way towards promoting employee feelings of inclusion. As a leader, it’s up to you to set the tone for the rest of your company. Make sure the diversity you want in your company is also reflected in your C-suite.

Creating a workplace that’s truly inclusive isn’t easy. It takes work to revamp outdated systems and ensure your company offers a supportive environment where all employees can thrive. Our commitment to “do it better” means we’re always trying to improve on our existing diversity initiatives and challenge the norm in the tech world. We hope to inspire other companies to join us in creating a more inclusive workplace and building towards a better future for tomorrow.

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