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Qualities of Tantus Tech’s New Recruits: A Perfect Fit for the Tantus Culture

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New recruits always wear their best suits. In their first few weeks, they find their place in their respective teams, and try to preserve the good impression they made throughout their interview and recruitment process. 

Sometimes the new-recruit glow wears off quickly, and their probation period and training hours end in a loss of investment and team morale. So, how can you tell if your hiring decision was a good fit? 

Here are five qualities that indicate that your new recruit fits like a glove at your company:


Recruits who treat their colleagues politely not only show courtesy, but they are more likely to be engaged and work well as part of a team. A responsive recruit is amiable and seeks a strong bond with their colleagues. 


Recruits who seek growth in the workplace are career-oriented and bring creativity and innovation to their workplace. Ambitious recruits are keeper recruits. 


A new employee is here to stay when they are open to feedback and constructive criticism. They see feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve their performance.

Enthusiastic and Passionate

Change is favorable in a company dedicated to tech innovation, and enthusiastic employees seek every opportunity to learn about the latest innovations.


A successful new recruit can turn anything into a learning opportunity, and will always seek chances to learn something new or hone a skill they already have. 

Remember, just like you are taking a chance on your new hires, they are also taking a chance on you. Provide them with support in their early days. Include them: show interest in who they are, and allow them time to get to know their team members.

If you are looking for a supportive and inclusive team to be a part of, Tantus Tech is looking for you. The Tantus Tech Compass has calibrated its directions to Innovation, Inspiration, Integrity, and Collaboration; in which direction are you headed?

Do you think you have what it takes to start your career with Tantus Tech? 

Join us and help make our world better.

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